1. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking.  Minor adjustments are permitted to bookings up to 7 days prior to admission
  2. Full payment to be made on the day of admission to the cattery. (check in)
  3. Day of arrival, day of departure and all days boarding are charged for at appropriate daily rate
  4. Payment can be made via BACS, cash or debit/credit card. We do not accept cheques or Amex
  5. All cats need to be fully vaccinated against RCP viruses within the last 12 months. Veterinary proof of vaccination will be required prior to admission to the cattery. If the vaccinations are out of date, you cat will be required to be vaccinated and placed into isolation at our veterinary surgery. This will incur additional costs
  6. Flea protection:  All cats will be required to be treated with a veterinary prescribed product on the day of admission. We can provide you with this or please bring your own product for us to apply.
  7. You will be required to leave contact details whilst your cat is boarding with us. The contact will need to have authority to authorize veterinary treatment should your cat become ill whilst in our care.
  8. Illness: Should your cat become ill during their stay, we will provide a veterinary consult at our surgery free of charge.
  9. Should the vet deem it necessary to provide treatment, we will contact you or your authorised contact for permission to treat your pet. Treatment will be provided at Village Vet St Albans .  We will liaise with your own vet regarding your cat’s treatment. Should we not be able to contact you for whatever reason, you authorise us to treat your cat as needed. The cost of treatment will be your responsibility and full payment will be required at collection of your pet. We will give you a breakdown of costs incurred. Should your pet be insured, we will help fill in any required forms to recover your costs at no extra charge.


We are aware of the environmental demands of modern day life and as such have instigated a number of ‘Green Initiatives’, including reducing the amount of paper we use. As such we are happy to communicate with you through other technologies including mobile phone text and email, please leave your details with reception.

Customer Feedback

We look forward to working with you to keep your pet healthy and happy but, if at any time you have concerns or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We actively welcome your feedback and can assure you that any issues raised will be appropriately addressed.

Formal Complaints

In the unfortunate event that you wish to raise a formal complaint with Village Vet we request that a formal letter setting out the grounds of the complaint are sent to the following address: Village Vet Complaints Department, 11 Belsize Terrace, London, NW3 4AX.

Upon receipt of your letter one of our team will investigate the details of your particular case and respond accordingly to you. Although we always endeavour to respond to a complaint within 7 working days of receipt sometimes this is not possible. In such an instance a member of the team will contact you to update you on the progress of your complaint.