Preparing Your Cat

Please ensure that your cat is prepared for boarding in our cattery. There are a few essentials that we require for their stay and things to look out for post boarding.

Vaccinations:  Please ensure your cat has had a vaccination within the last 12 months. They need to have been vaccinated against Herpes virus, Calici virus and Pan-leukopaenia virus (RCP). Please ensure this has been done in all boarding cats and bring proof from your vet that this has been done. If your cat is not up-to-date with their vaccinations, they may be refused boarding or will need to be in an isolation facility until a given vaccination takes effect. This will incur additional charges.

Parasite control:  Our cattery is a flea free zone, so we request that all cats are treated against fleas with a veterinary prescribed product on the day of arrival. We can flea treat your cat on arrival with Advocate or Stronghold. If preferred, you can bring your veterinary prescribed product (Frontline, Bob Martin, Shirley’s ect are not accepted) with you and we will apply it on the date of arrival. This is to protect all cats against horrible biting fleas.

Food: Should your cat be on a special diet or a prescription diet, please let us know in advance what your cat is eating. This will enable us to have it ready for your cats boarding.

Medical problems/medication: Please ensure that you inform us of any medical conditions your cat has, and also any medications your cat will require whilst staying with us. Should your cat become ill during their stay, you have the peace of mind that they can be treated at our veterinary surgery adjacent to the cattery. We will contact you to update you should your cat become ill. Please leave the best contact details in case of an emergency on admission.

Toys and blankets: We are happy for you to bring your cat’s toys and blankets to the cattery. We also provide a variety of scratching posts and toys for your cat to entertain themselves whilst boarding with us.

Post Boarding: We try our utmost to reduce any stress your cat will suffer whilst in the cattery. Despite this, catteries can still be stressful for your feline friend and some cats will develop diarrhoea, weeping eyes, sneezing, anorexia  whilst boarding or post boarding in a cattery. Please look out for this and let your vet know if this happens post boarding. Some cats may require treatment for these symptoms.